Features of our Fluid Bed Dryer Bags

*      Since fluid bed dryers are usually used at the end of process cycles, close to the end of the process cycle, optimizing the particle capture and flow rates are key

* We use the highest quality Conductive (Anti-Static) and non-conductive fabrics available to ensure our bag will exceed expectations

* Since these bags are complex to stitch, precision cutting through stringent quality control is key.

* Our fabrics are lint-free and fully inspected. Our bags are sewn using our exclusive “lock-stitch” which eliminates seam separation during the stress of processing 

* Customized to fit all major OEMs including Glatt, Niro-Aeromatic, Fitzpatrick, Vector, Fluid-Air, and other international and national manufacturers.


MB BRANDS FILTERS offers custom-manufactured Fluid Bed Dryer Bags, which offer superior drying, excellent particle retention and are typically used in the pharmaceutical industry. In keeping with the strict compliance requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, we set high standards for the manufacturing of the bags and choose our fabrics very carefully.

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